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Artisan Pizzeria

Enjoy the best traditional handmade pizza you can find anywhere online.

We don’t use machines or automated baking devices, our chefs make the dough from scratch and knead it to perfection to give you the authentic taste of pizza you won’t get with machine-made pizza.

Our pizzas are baked in a brick oven for the best quality, flavor, and overall look.

We pick the freshest and best quality ingredients to make our dough, sauce, and toppings. 










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Baked to Order

Order Online

Our online ordering process is easy and hassle free. You can order online any day of the week and have delicious and hand-made pizza delivered to your doorstep. 


Baked to Order

Our pizzas aren’t premade or kept warm, we start the process of baking your pizza upon receiving your order. This means you have room to choose what you want your pizza to feel or taste like. 


Free Delivery

Enjoy free delivery anywhere, no extra charges or hidden fees. 

Since 1987

Established in 1987, we’ve been making pizza since the days when there were no machines and automated devices, when pizza was considered an art because it was all made by hand.


We’ve kept this authenticity over the years and still keep the traditional process of making pizza. This has given us an edge, and a guarantee to you that you’ll always get the best quality pizza.


We’ve perfected our process and our menu is filled with a list of delicious pizza you can choose from.



We’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and experience to create a beautiful pizza experience every time to try our quality artisan pizza. 

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Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy pizza and that’s almost the same thing.

Dine with Us

(255) 352-6258


(255) 352-6258

Opening Hours

Everyday, 11am – 11pm